It may be just a sheer coincidence or magical Powers of  the universe. Whatever it is, for us this Chinese New Year has a special meaning. Why? The Rooster takes over its reign just in time when our little brand  is about to turn 1 year old! Where is the connection? Just have a look at our colorful logo and you will see 2 of those majestic birds in a bromance pose right at the top!

I know what your next question will be – why did you choose the Rooster for your logo  if you don’t even stuff pierogi with it ?! ( or at least – not yet!)

Well, there are a few reasons!

 1) Threat to evil spirits!

NT; (c) Dyrham Park; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Polish people strongly believe that all the evil creatures dread the rooster and its  powerful crow. When building the house, it is common in Polish villages to put the rooster under the foundation to ward off the ominous spirits. For the same reason they would place the rooster on the bell towers.

 2)  Fertility symbol.


At the harvest festival, women often wear flower wreaths with attached rooster symbols. At wedding receptions it is a tradition to serve the rooster broth or roasted rooster that is supposed to enhance sexual potency. Some would even put the rooster under the bed of the newlyweds!

 3) The main animal symbol in Polish folk decorative art.




You can find the rooster on Polish embroidery, bowls, crosses, paper cutting and even rooftops aka weathercocks.




4) Fortune telling and forecasting the weather!

kogut 3


Rooster’s crowing has several meanings in Polish tradition. In the mountainous regions of Poland there is a common belief that it forecasts happy journey. If the rooster crows at the threshold it means the guests are coming, BUT if it crows 3 times then fire or death are imminent. Yet, people from other regions of Poland believe that if the rooster crows for a long time, it spells the rain, while others maintain that if lengthy crowing happens while it walks, the sunny weather can be expected!

Rooster’s fortune telling abilities are not limited to weather only! If a woman dreams about rooster that means she will have a son!


5)  Major role in Polish traditional medicine.



The blood of the rooster plays significant role in Polish traditional medicine. The folk healers would recommend rubbing your body with it to treat skin disease, spasms or even epilepsy!


Now  when it comes to our logo, the two handsome roosters have fulfilled their duties beautifully so far, keeping our little brand lucky, safe and prosperous! Bring it on, Rooster!

We trust your patronage this year!

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