March 9 was a special day for Pierogi Ladies as it was our big launch party hosted at Craft Shanghai (aka Polish consulate in Shanghai 😉 We invited anyone willing to come over and eat as many pierogi as they wished  – the treat was on us!

Pierogi ladies _71

Pierogi ladies _49

Our event started with a VIP tasting for Shanghai Bite Club, lead by Shanghai Hunter. Seems like our pierogi satisfied even the most demanding palates in the city!


Pierogi ladies _46

During the night we organized 3 competitions to entertain our guests and at the same time introduce Polish culture to them.

The participants of the first one were supposed to repeat the most difficult Polish words. Since Polish language belongs to the group of the most complicated ones,it wasn’t easy at all, but we got the winner who even dare to spell the full name of our mother country :Rzeczpospolita Polska.She won a really special prize from one of our sponsors – a box of natural cosmetics by LALU NATURAL SKINCARE plus voucher for a set of pierogi and a voucher for 2 drinks at Craft!

Pierogi ladies _135

Pierogi ladies _137

The second competition was also really challenging as it required to divide the attention and focus not only on the delicious Polish food staple, but also follow the key facts about Poland  displayed along with videos and photos of our mother land. We had a lucky winner  here as well,who even  remembered the tiny details like that….He was awarded with 100 RMB coupon for healthy juices from our another sponsor– FS JUICE plus pierogi and drinks vouchers!

Pierogi ladies _17

Pierogi ladies _41

Finally, during the third competition our guests were encouraged to post the pictures about pierogi on their WeChat moments (if you don’t live in China, a quick explanation – WeChat is a mobile App without which you don’t really exist in China!).The person with the biggest number of ‘likes’ won a unique t-shirt with Pierogi Ladies logo as well as pierogi and drink vouchers!

Pierogi ladies _170


It was fabulous night – each and every guest left properly fed and learned how to enjoy the life in Polish way, and our pierogi gained quite a few die-hard fans!

Pierogi ladies _114

Pierogi ladies _144

Pierogi ladies _109

Pierogi ladies _120


We are already looking forward to the next Pierogi Ladies Party!




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